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New Teardown Engineering Service

Expert Teardown

Holistic optimization through the Expert Teardown

Dismantle, analyze, optimize. With the “Expert Teardown” service, we not only scrutinize products from the manufacturing and production industry, but also point out potential for improvement and savings. The central question: Have the correct fasteners been specified?

The principle behind it is very simple: if you dismantle a product or a machine part by part, look at it expertly and check it - while keeping an eye on the whole, you sometimes replace one or the other part with something more suitable or even dispense with unnecessary items.

It always gets better: manufacturing costs, function, area of application and design in focus

This is particularly true when fastening solutions are scrutinized, as is the case with "Expert Teardown". An expert in this area is Stefan Landthaler. As a business development manager, he advises small, medium-sized and large companies - always according to the motto:

“It's almost always easier and better. One of my experiences relates to those who say, "You can't do that." And then someone came along who didn't know and just did it, ”said Landthaler.

By dismantling a product during the “Expert Teardown” and systematically examining it for possible improvements, it is possible to optimize the products and reduce parts, manufacturing and process costs.

Requirements such as mechanical strength, types of stress, corrosion, ease of maintenance, recyclability, but also collision-free and efficient ease of assembly are taken into account, always taking technical feasibility into account!

Valuable information through the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator

Landthaler continues: "The perfect fastening solution determines the quality, price and competitiveness of a product on the market."

KVT-Fastening / Bossard offers excellent support with "Expert Teardown" through a "highly precise analysis that provides solutions and suggestions for improvement, which in turn with the help of an empirical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator for profitability and ROI (Return On Investment) ".

"Nothing is as constant as change". Optimized products reduce your manufacturing, process and complaint costs and thus ultimately your total operating costs.

Away from the standard - towards an innovative brand through "Expert Teardown".

Are you interested and would you like advice from our experts?

We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance and advise you quickly and competently. Please contact us.

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